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Consulting Solutions as Innovative as the Life Sciences Themselves



Life Science Consult is offering systematic searches in the Life Sciences Industries worldwide, be it for product or business development partners, or for specialists and executives to become personally involved in your expansion. After likely partners or advisors have been identified, we approach and interview them to ensure that they are right for your needs before being presented to you. Our Clients are offered only serious options, no generic strategy talk and no headhunting across the board but business-specific support from the more than 7.000 personal contacts in our database.

Networks are the key to success in most businesses, and nowhere are they more important than in the highly specialized Life Science industry. Over the past 15 years, Life Science Consult has built a network of more than 7.000 professionals through personal connections and targeted search activities, giving us access to the people that your business needs for growth.

This unique and powerful database - the Life Science Talent Network - allows us to rapidly assemble the appropriate network to advance your business at every stage in its development.

Life Science Talent Network

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Life Science Consult is a network of professionals from within the Life Sciences Industry that was first assembled in 1999 and has been expanding since then. A handful of current partners are experienced senior managers and have been successfully engaged in numerous consulting projects within the industry. They are skilled in:

  • analyzing and addressing business development issues both for technology sourcing and business expansion

  • develop appropriate marketing communication for effective first contacts

  • identifying and qualifying specialists and managers for challenging assignments

  • assist with your entry into Central Europe or vice versa into Japan, Pacific Rim, USA

Our professionals are here to serve you in 4 ways:

1. Business Development for young hi growth companies in the field;  development & exit perspectives

  • critical assessment of customer benefits

  • systematic business or project development on basis of such customer benefits 

  • development of routine processes for profitable growth

  • assistance with business plans for current & future investors

  • setting priorities

2. Identification & Qualification of Managers & Specialists to take hi growth companies forward

  • more than 4.000 industry specialists have been interviewed in person, with a focus on Europeans. All are searchable in a professional database organized by specific academic and on the job qualification

  • searching takes place in a 5 step systematic process

  • contacting of candidates only by senior partners with utmost respect & confidentiality

 3. Interim Management for when strategic redirection needs execution right away

 4. Grow in overseas markets with your own organization & staff

  • when working through distributors that each have plenty of suppliers and little focus?

  • make your product someone's #1 priority in the growing overseas markets

  • Life Science Consult is home in Europe, Japan, East Coast USA

  • Pick from our group of dual German-American business development professionals

  • find the proper start with experts familiar with local circumstances

Understanding the potential of an underlying technology and identifying its key success factors is a prerequisite to moving in the right direction. It is its comprehensive approach that makes Life Science Consult different from other providers of similar consulting services.

Consulting Solutions as Innovative as the Life Sciences themselves - Study our new Base Brochure

Expand into Europe with your own organization & staff - read our brochure

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